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Cleanroom roller shutters

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Cleanroom roller shutters by Giesse optimise the features of cleanrooms as they maintain the level of pressure within the room. The Auto-Pharma ® technology minimises the exposure of contaminating agents and particles which can be dangerous for some processes inside pharmaceutical, mechanical or electronic laboratories.


Cleanroom doors – application areas

The presence of a clean room is used in all sectors where activities unfold that require isolation from the external environment. The use of a roller shutter for cleanrooms serves as a barrier and isolates the operations and processes which unfold inside the cleanroom, thanks to its capabilities to pressurise and depressurise the room.

The Auto-Pharma® cleanroom is suitable for a variety of sectors, including:

Chemical industry – in this field, it is essential to prevent external contamination;

Pharmaceutical industry – laboratories that research and develop drugs and antidotes should be isolated from pressure, have temperature control and be protected by any microorganisms which could alter test results.

Electronics industry – where the presence of very sensitive electrical components to air particles should be controlled.

Cosmetics industry – similarly to the chemical industry, chemical products and materials are used in cosmetic production, something that should occur in a controlled environment.

Other industries that use production processes that require a space safe from contamination and unwanted pollutants.

Workers of the activities mentioned above are perfectly aware of the function of cleanrooms and that they require a specific door which will maintain internal pressure. The internal pressure of cleanrooms should be maintained constant so that there are no changes to the internal atmosphere.

Characteristics of doors used for sanitary environments

Cleanroom PVC high speed doors for hospitals and medical facilities are specifically designed to monitor environmental parameters such as sterility and containment. The maintenance of constant pressure is granted through the use of airtight fabric which is all over the perimeter of the structure and also to due to the stop start function and speed of the overall time of opening and closing the door.

The doors can also be used inside sanitary structures. In this case, hospital doors with flexible PVC can resist different pressures and allow themselves to set a defined level of pressure.

Cleanroom doors are also designed specifically to guarantee the most airtight environment and to avoid the entry of any germs or bacteria inside the cleanroom which could cause grave and irreversible risks.

For this reason, the fabric in Auto Pharma ® heavy duty polyester was produced with technical specifications which renders the fabric highly anti-flammable as well as being perfectly airtight. The smooth fabric is also easy to clean and does not require any particular maintenance work.

The structures of the doors are made with loadbearing internal rails which contain electrical cables as well as a series of components such as control buttons and LEDs but also a photoelectric cell barrier.

Operator Lateral (inverter), integrated to gear motor (IP 65)
Max clear passage W 3500 X H 3500 mm
Upper beam 350 x 350 mm
Rail Self-supporting, electrical conduits included
Zipper High density polietilen profile
Opening controls Start / Stop push button on board, led flashing blinker
Curtain PVC 1200 gr/sqm
Curtain reinsert Self-repairing
Windows 1 row 1000 X 300 mm each
Safety Light curtains
Speed 1.5 m/s
Installation Inside
Wind resistance Class 2
Positive permeability Class 4 – Δp for 50 Pa of pressure [m3/m2h] = 1.62
Negative permeability Class 4 – Δp for 50 Pa of pressure[m3/m2h] = 1.76

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