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Dock Leveler Lip

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LEVEL ROTO® is a new, innovative dock leveller that offers many benefits. The dock leveller offers safety, ease of loading docks, and high-quality materials. The platforms are also very important for loading bays. With automation, the process is more accurate and less prone to human fault. It produces a durable product that is always safe to use.


Application locations for hydraulic hinge lip levellers

This hydraulic dock leveller protects the safety of the employees. It’s been designed for high performance while still looking great thanks to an exact design process.

The hinge or swing lip dock leveller is particularly suitable for many sectors, for example:

Industrial sector: The hinge or swing lip dock levellers is a useful device in the industrial sector. The device helps control the flow of goods and also reduces operating time.

In general, this dock leveller with a flexible lip is a product that can be used for almost any situation that requires safe and valuable support.

Technical Characteristics

Level Roto® is the newest innovation in dock levellers. With a flexible lip, this product can load any vehicle type. Created with the experience of the shipping industry in mind, Level Roto is the next big thing when it comes to innovative, flexible dock levellers.

This product is perfect for tackling just about any environment, no matter how harsh the weather conditions. From snow to sun, rain to wind, this product is sure to be your go-to. Each detail of the product is made with excellence and provides assistance and comfort even when used for longer periods. Roto even has a built-in railing that protects  people and materials from falling off the loading dock. The rail is built inside the Level Roto, so there is no need for an external railing. It is supplied with Giesse Jumbo bumpers to enable the safe transfer of personnel and materials between trucks and the loading dock.

With Level Roto, there’s no need to wait around for construction to be completed. The formwork is installed right away, and when it’s time to move the forklift in, it’s easy to do so. Level Roto can be inserted from the front or the side, a benefit of its easy handling.

The 5-degree slope of the front lip of this dock is a unique design and format, making it suitable for any type of delivery vehicle. It is finally able to easily dock with the building thanks to this simple design.

The hinge lip prevents dirt and dust from accumulating to prevent the flexible lip from getting gummed up.

This barrier, with its hinged mechanism, is perfectly safe. It meets the safety requirements of the Standard UNI EN1398, which is your guarantee.


With sensitive products, like fragile goods, it helps to have dock levellers. They promote the safe and easy handling of sensitive items by sitting them on a platform of industrial foam.

Low maintenance is the hinge lip leveller’s best attribute. It doesn’t need a lot of technical help. The machine’s end-user can track the machine’s conditions and correct any problems that arise.

This product is a space-saver. When the platform is closed, it takes up no available floor space because it doubles as the bottom of the floor.

The Loading Dock Leveler is versatile and easy to use. It requires no construction work, meaning it can easily be fitted to any application – it’s  flexible enough to fit just about anything, including the most demanding tasks.

The platform offers a flexible hinged lip with an anti-fall barrier. This is a total innovation in the industry that will profoundly benefit customers. The additional front flaps create a direct connection to the warehouse for those who need them.

Sizes 2000 X 2500 mm
Capacity 6000 Kg - UNI EN 1398
Frontal lip Hinged to the platform. Length 690 mm Slope + 7° (+ 300 mm), - 7° (- 430 mm) Shape reduced to W 1400 mm 5° Inclined Fall protection H 250 mm
Platform Rear hinges and embossed sheet metal covering
Installation Cast formwork
Safety UNI EN 1398

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