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Dock shelters

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Giesse designs and builds isothermal dock shelters for loading bays that include all required components. Dock shelters are suitable structures for ensuring the safety of logistical activities between warehouses and vehicles. A dock leveller, an industrial door, and a dock shelter are common components of a loading point.


Dock shelter Characteristics

When the vehicle is moored at the platform for loading and unloading, the product offers suitable protection. The shelter is meant to alleviate the shock generated by erroneous movement, thanks to the exceptional quality of the materials and robust structure.

Among its attributes and capabilities, the dock shelter provides protection for cargo, which is a great benefit when dealing with delicate commodities that must not be subjected to temperature variations and require protection from atmospheric agents. These accommodations ensure greater easein the handling of the items, safeguarding  the people involved in the loading and unloading processes.

The dock shelters have all been carefully built so that the impact of the docking vehicle does not compromise the structural integrity of the structures and equipment.

One can select between the hanging isothermal dock shelter and the ground-level isothermal dock shelter, which differ in placement.

Wall Dock® Dock Shelters with hanging frame

This style of dock shelter may be built into the warehouse wall, snugly fitting the dock’s edges. It has a PVC flexible top curtain and suspended flexible bars, requiring no foundations.


Dock On The Ground Level Ground Dock® Shelters

Because it is fastened to the wall but also sits on the ground, this sort of dock shelter needs a distinct installation. The synthetic rubber front flaps let the vehicle approach the building, while pantographs and wheels ensure flexibility throughout the docking procedure.

Both the hanging and ground-level frames are ideal for adequately sealing the loading point and providing thermal and acoustic insulation. Maximum safety is ensured by a signal system contained in the frontal flaps, whose visual signals (grey and yellow arrows) aid the vehicle’s manoeuvres.

Use of an isothermal dock shelter

The primary goal of the product is to make logistical operations easier. Because of its design and quality, it may be used in practically any industry:

To simplify logistic operations in the industrial sector with its frequent transit of goods and resources, where sturdy and lasting equipment is required.

To protect the often very delicate cargo of the food industry. It is critical to seal the premises’ doorways and achieve optimal thermal insulation.

The commercial sector has a “deliveries” element and regular unloading and loading procedures prioritise the use of reliable equipment.

Installation methods of dock shelters

Giesse dock shelters are made of galvanised steel, a strong light material that resists weather debilitation whilst being quick and easy to install.

The side and top curtains are constructed of tear-resistant, scratch-resistant self-extinguishing PVC fabric. For optimal abrasion resistance, the PVC fabric is coated with specialised materials.

Swinging arms and wheels on the components increase the overall flexibility of the construction.

The sheet has a wind resistance rating of class two and a LED system to help prevent mishaps.

The buyer can choose the size, shape, and colours of  taste.

STD. wall size W 3380 X H 3340 X 650 mm
Arms Lateral scissor arms which give flexibility to the structure
External curtain PVC fabric self-extinguishing CL.II
Lateral and upper flaps PVC with high abrasion resistance
Sign Grey signs

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