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Industrial Doors Leeds

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Are you looking to install industrial doors for your business in Leeds? Are you still contemplating if your business needs an industrial door? Check out this article on Leeds industrial doors to get answers to your questions and more.


Are You Looking For An Industrial Door In Leeds

Industrial doors are essential equipment for a variety of factories and businesses. Whatever field or industry your company belongs to, we’re sure there’s an industrial door that suits your business perfectly. For example, the most common industrial doors in the chemical industry protect the chemical products from external contaminations. 

If your business is in the Food processing industry, you should go for our insulated roller door. Most firms in this industry require precise temperature control, and you can only achieve this when the system is insulated from external temperature. 

Laboratories are essential to every pharmaceutical company. This is where you develop drugs, vaccines, and antidotes. It would help if you also researched consistently. These activities require precise control over temperature and protection against contaminants and microorganisms that regular doors can’t provide. 

Waste management and its importance to the planet’s health have gained prominence in recent decades. Businesses in this industry need to store the wastes properly and ensure neither this waste nor the others that exude from them leak into their surroundings. This is only workable with industrial doors. 

Integrated Circuits are the core of modern electronics. These Circuits and their components require a sterile environment during production—even unfiltered air can contaminate. An electronics company can’t do without industrial doors. 

Industrial Door Functionalities

At Giesse logistics, we offer a variety of industrial doors that suit your business’s specific needs. We understand that different companies will have different needs, and a company may even require different industrial doors for different sections within the company. This is why we offer these varieties. Also, we can produce an industrial door explicitly customised for your business.

industrial speed doors leeds

industrial speed Fold-up Doors

High-Speed Fold-Up Doors

Our high-speed fold-up doors are highly rated for their adaptability. We design it to meet your specific needs. Our Fold-Up® doors range are all impact resistant, have insulation capabilities, and are resistant to natural elements like wind and sun. If your business requires frequent movement of equipment and personnel, we recommend this door for you. 

High-Speed Freezer Doors

These energy-efficient folding doors are a superb option for cold rooms and freezers. Giesse’s PVC high-speed freezer doors are designed to meet the demands of refrigeration and preservation industries and even surpass them. Installing these doors provides you with the complete insulation your system needs. They’re truly an asset to the beverage and food industry. 

Composting Facilities High-Speed Doors

A truly innovative solution for recycling and waste management companies, Giesse’s Compost-pack® can seal your plant completely. This prevents leakage and discharge of toxic materials into the environment. Its fast-closing mechanism further enhances its effectiveness. 

Double Fold Up Doors

Our double fold-up doors comprise twin PVC curtains installed as a fast-acting double folding door. The PVC cloth material is self-extinguishing and fire retardant. This industrial door offers both acoustic and thermal insulation for any opening, irrespective of the size. It’s also very customisable. 


Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

At Giesse logistics, we pride ourselves on producing the best roll roller shutters that reflect our clients’ requirements entirely. Do you need a high-speed roller shutter that provides maximum security and efficiency for your logistic business? Then we have just the product for you. This industrial door has airtight properties that encourage using the best exit and entry points without issues. 

Industrial Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

You may run a business that doesn’t quite require the cold temperatures of refrigeration but still requires much lower temperatures. Our industrial insulated roller shutter doors help you complete your cold storage system and make them suitable for warehouses that collect and store fruits and vegetables. Their tight seals minimise the loss of cool air. 

Automated Storage High-Speed Doors

Giesse’s Automation door® is suitable for plants with specialised operations that require frequent movement. An example is an operation that uses a high-frequency conveyor. We designed these doors with high-quality materials fitting for heavy-duty work and able to provide long-term usage. You can also integrate Giesse’s automation doors with the industrial automation system. This allows automatic opening and closing with complete safety. 

Cleanroom Roll-Up Doors

Our cleanroom doors are designed to optimise the features found in cleanrooms. They’re able to maintain the room’s pressure successfully. The cleanroom doors’ Auto-Pharma ® technology enables them to reduce exposure to contaminants from outside the sterile system. They’re suitable for electronic, mechanical, or pharmaceutical laboratories. 

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors Large

At Giesse logistics, we not only have industrial shutter doors that serve regular apertures but also doors for larger openings. DUAL-BIG® by Giesse is the perfect industrial door for structures with large apertures. Its materials can withstand harsh conditions and heavy-duty use.

automated high-speed doors leeds

Automated high-speed doors

Company’s Benefit

It’s only logical that equipment as versatile in its application should have loads of benefits. A critical function of an industrial door is to provide security and protection for your business. 

Whether you own a warehouse, workshop, or industry, the design and specifications may vary, but this benefit cuts across the board. Industrial High-speed door/s are robust enough to offer complete protection against thefts, trespassing, and more.  

Also, you may own a business that requires absolute control over the energy lost to the environment as heat. Industrial doors provide an excellent insulating effect to combine with the insulation of the walls of your industry. This will save your business the money it spends on energy consumption. This is usually beneficial for companies in the food industry.  

Fire outbreaks are bad news to every business, whether in workshops or a business in the logistics field. No company wishes to bear the damaging costs of such accidents. Industrial doors provide robust protection for your products and employees during such mishaps. Also, some doors can be connected to your company’s alarm system to ensure proper protocols during the outbreak. 

Finally, you agree that efficiency is essential to a business’s success. Efficiency drives productivity, which is why every business owner prioritises efficiency. One key metric for efficiency is production speed; the faster the production process, the more goods are produced each day. Industrial doors help speed up this process through automation, which now makes the transport of employees and products quicker from one section of the factory to another 



Are you Interested in getting an industrial door that meets the unique requirements of your business? We have experts who can guide you to the right door to choose. If your business is in London, you can check out our industrial doors in London here. We provide solutions for a wide variety of industrial door specifications. Get a free quote today.

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