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Cushion seals

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Cushion seals also referred to as dock seals, are constructions that allow vehicles to rest on the platform level against the walls of warehouses and buildings. They guarantee the best possible connection and make loading and unloading processes as quick and functional as is feasible.

Giesse’s Iso Dock® cushion dock seal works for temperature-controlled warehouses and cold room storage.


Application of Cushion Seals

Dock seals have a variety of applications and they are;

Sealing cushions are extremely useful for logistical activities that require a platform for loading and unloading products. Its applicability is also applicable in conditions with a large temperature differential between the inside and outdoor temperatures.

The horizontal cushion’s height is adjustable: depending on the size of the vehicle, it may be reduced or increased. Giesse Iso Dock® sealing cushion, in particular, is ideal for temperature-controlled warehouses and cold room storage due to its ability to minimize temperature changes.

The product is suitable for a wide range of applications and conditions that need continuous loading and unloading activities. It is also appropriate for all industries where a consistent temperature is required to preserve goods.

Methods of manufacture for Iso dock®

The padding is composed of soft polyurethane foam, and the cover is made of PVC, which reduces the danger of damage to transport vehicles.

All structures are built in compliance with current regulations and are thus CE certified.

Both top and side seal cushions are designed to aid logistical operation with very large vehicles.

The standard size is W 2900 X H 3100 X 270 mm

It has a galvanised steel frame

It has  expanded polyurethane padding

The functionality of Dock pads

The high quality and lightweight design of the fabric ensures safe and superior performance. The fabric’s durability is made possible with its carefully selected size and material, which are designed to handle heavy use without fraying, tearing, or other damage.

The cushions are soft – so your vehicle is well protected. The non-abrasive texture ofthe cushions also prevent the side or top wall from being damaged, irrespective of high the truck is. Choose your preferred colour and shape from a diverse range so that your building is complemented, its own style remaining intact.


In addition the dock shelter has a set of frontal flaps which ensure optimum protection and adhesion to the car.

Depending on the needs of each customer,  removable cushions are also available, ideal for working with trucks of varying heights.

The trailer is secured by compressing into the foam pads when it backs in, taking up most of the space between the dock bumpers. Preventing any gaps, the trailer is sealed around three sides and takes up all the space.

STD. size W 2900 X H 3100 X 270 mm
Frame Galvanized steel
Padding Expanded Polyurethane
External leaf PVC 700 gr/sqm
Frontal flap Non-slip system
Sign Yellow signs

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