Giesse designs and produces all loading bay components used in warehouse logistic procedures. Dock levellers are platforms that are singularly intended to let products move between buildings and vehicles. Giesse provides such particulars: loading point components to optimize the efficiency of loading and unloading activities. This diverse set of answers is the outcome of a lengthy and meticulous study process:


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Equipment required to assist the handling of products

Giesse designs and produces dock levellers, isothermal dock shelters, and industrial doors for loading bays to help in freight handling. More specifically, these three aspects enhance many firms’ logistical processes.

The structure is especially important in industrial sectors with regular logistic movements, but it is equally important in commercial sectors.

Because the loading points must simplify loading and unloading operations, dock levellers of various varieties are available, including hinge/swing lip dock levellers, telescopic lip dock levellers, and dock levellers with external frames.

All of Giesse’s dock leveller solutions are composed of robust and durable materials, allowing the structure to keep its effectiveness over time, even with heavy use.

Isothermal dock shelters facilitate loading and unloading operations in inclement weather by utilizing sealing cushions, sealants and suspended and ground dock shelters.

Sectional overhead doors, on the other hand, provide for optimum flexibility and efficiency of space in industrial doors for loading bays.

Loading bays manufacture

The loading platform is used to increase the efficiency of cargo handling between a building and a vehicle. Even severe loading and unloading performances are possible if the dock leveller is equipped with a telescoping lip.

Dock levellers are extremely useful in numerous industries, including the food business, large-scale distribution, and any other field that deals with vast numbers of commodities.

Dock levellers with an exterior free-standing frame are the right option for making the most of the available covered area within warehouses.

Isothermal dock shelters are a fantastic option for an airtight connection between the bed of the truck and the warehouse for organizations that regularly deal with sensitive items  prone to temperature variations. Giesse dock shelters suit all of the needs of the refrigeration and conservation sectors, where it is critical to maintain a consistent temperature even throughout the logistical activity.

Furthermore, the PVC sealing cushions provide for a tight closure of the loading bay during loading and unloading activities.

Because of the hermetic sealing achieved over each repository, sectional doors are an extra beneficial element to assist the logistic process. The sectional doors can be connected to the dock levellers through the electric system for greater performance, offering optimum safety for operators and reducing accidents. Sectional doors swing vertically upward, freeing up the room.

Loading bays – installation and manufacture

Most of the items considered are created from sturdy and long-lasting materials. For example, the steel material used for the structure frames is treated with a special coating to prevent corrosion, while the PVC fabric curtain has a special coating that allows it to glide smoothly.

The PVC fabric mantle is exceptionally impact-resistant, yet it can also survive inclement weather. To fulfil even the most stringent requirements, our products bear the CE label and are certified, ensuring compliance with communitarian regulations.

The end-user has the freedom to make their own customization choices in terms of components and size. They can not only choose what they want but also what they don’t. The customer can be involved in the entire design process by using accessories such as platforms, obstacles, LEDs, wheel guides, and Jumbo bumpers.

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