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Motorized retractable canopies

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Giesse Hangar-Cover motorized canopy is the perfect solution to avoiding pollution (air, soil or other production-generated waste)  that can hamper eco-friendly conditions and a safe workplace.


Motorized canopies

The structures made from steel and PVC are usually mounted on designated metal platforms to prevent pollution.  

One of the most salient aspects of this solution is the innovative and efficient motor. The canopy can slide manually or automatically,  helping operators limit waste proximity. This can be achieved either with a manual or a motorized mechanism, which is possible with the use of guide rails that facilitate sliding instead of safety.

Hangar-Cover prevents substance dispersion by protecting goods kept in silos and, more broadly, in all storage tanks.

Description of the motorized canopies

Electric retractable canopies are structures of steel and PVC that prevent soil pollution. Once installed, they close to protect against toxic gas exhalations that cause health-related problems.

Motorized canopies areas of use

Landfills and dumps. Regular dumpsites may not be getting the job done for waste disposal; motorized canopies are now representing a functional and flexible solution for the release of polluting substances, toxic exhalations, and more.

Industrial sector. In the industrial sector, motorized canopies offer a solution for those activities that process raw materials and create dangerous waste. They can be used as a storage area for items such as pesticides and other substances used to grow crops.

The durability of motorized canopies

The building is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and other adverse environmental factors. The steel components and the PVC fabric covering, which covers the entire structure, are both built to fit any size or shape.

The strong durability of the canopy ensures that it can withstand heavyweights, such as snow. PVC fabric is strong and won’t get damaged under high winds. It also lets the covered materials stay safe and secure.

Benefits from eco-cover

The Eco-Cover motorized retractable structure has a lot of advantages apart from the prevention of harmful substances dispersion. These advantages are listed below.  

A fast, easy installation. If you live in a country that offers tax reductions for temporary buildings, you can install them more quickly. For more information on local rules, please refer to the local authority

One of the most important advantages of an inflatable is that it is cheaper than other options like concrete buildings. Furthermore, the end-user can customize their inflatable to suit their needs. It’s possible to choose the size and colour while also including the logo, trademark, or slogan in the covering.

The Eco-Cover can be easily maintained because of the quality and durable materials that were used for the production. 

Structure Hot dip galvanized steel with bolted joints
Operator Motorized man present
Design EN 1990-1999 (Eurocodes) D.M. 17.01.2018 Norme Tecniche per le Costruzioni-NTC
Size Depending on the project
Roof PVC fabric
Side walls No
Front walls No standard
Access No
Fixing On concrete walls through anchor bolts

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