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Swing lip dock levelers

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LEVEL ROTO® is a brand-new dock leveller that offers the greatest level of safety for its users. The dock leveller offers the operators several benefits, including the loading dock’s ease of operation, flexibility to all loading and unloading methods, and high-quality materials. Platforms, together with isothermal dock shelters and industrial doors, are essential components of a loading bay. Automation in the production process eliminates the possibility of human mistakes and generates a useful, functional, and always dependable functioning tool.


Application locations for hydraulic hinge lip levellers

The hydraulic dock leveller with a front barrier was designed to protect the safety of the employees engaged. The loading dock leveller is capable of enhancing even high loading performance while preserving its original look thanks to an exact design procedure.

The hinge or swing lip dock leveller is particularly useful in a variety of industries, including:

The industrial sector is distinguished by a consistent flow of commodities, and each firm should take efforts to facilitate the logistic process and save operation time.

Sector of Commerce

Food and beverage and agri-food industries

In general, the dock leveller with a flexible lip may be used in practically any circumstance where beneficial assistance is required during storage operations.

Technical Specifications

Level Roto® is a novel dock leveller with a flexible lip that can load and unload a variety of delivery trucks. Level Roto® is regarded as a novel idea owing to its innately unique properties as a result of the gathered expertise in the logistics business.

It is a product that exemplifies perfection in every aspect and gives aid even when used frequently. Because of its ability to survive extreme weather conditions such as rain, snowfall, high wind, and sun, the product applies to practically any location and place.

When the Level Roto® lip is in the vertical rest position, it protects drop-offs from unoccupied loading docks. Level Roto comes included with Giesse Jumbo bumpers to ensure the safe movement of employees and commodities between vehicles and loading docks.

Level Roto® comes with its formwork and can be erected quickly, saving money on construction costs. The lift truck’s prongs may be readily put into Level Roto® both laterally and frontally, resulting in a simple handling.

The 5-degree slope tapered front lip is the only one of its kind and format in logistics. A single component that can be used for any sort of delivery truck and can finally dock and connect to the building.

The hinge lip is specially intended to prevent dust and grime from accumulating and interfering with the smooth operation of the flexible lip itself.

The hinged barrier is made of an embossed sheet. The material was chosen by the UNI EN1398 Standard, which outlines the safety standards.


The dock leveller’s primary function is to encourage safe and simple handling of goods, particularly with sensitive products that have been subjected to significant stress.

The hinge lip leveller requires little maintenance. It does not necessitate technical help because the end-user can monitor the machine’s status.

The product is designed to save space. When the platform is closed, it takes up no floor space because it acts as an extension of the floor itself.

Because of its adaptability and ease of installation, the loading dock leveller is exceptionally adaptable and may be used in practically any application. There is no need for any construction work.

The flexible hinge on the lip of the platform with the anti-slip barrier is an absolute innovation. It’s also available with extra front flaps for customers who are shipping directly to their warehouse.

Sizes 2000 X 2500 mm
Capacity 6000 Kg - UNI EN 1398
Frontal lip Hinged to the platform. Length 690 mm Slope + 7° (+ 300 mm), - 7° (- 430 mm) Shape reduced to W 1400 mm 5° Inclined Fall protection H 250 mm
Platform Rear hinges and embossed sheet metal covering
Installation Cast formwork
Safety UNI EN 1398

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