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Emergency temporary structures

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Giesse emergency temporary buildings are light, flexible, and durable, which means they can be quickly installed to meet urgent needs. The building structures can be built wherever you need them, on any type of ground.


Qualities of emergency temporary buildings

These temporary buildings are perfect for any situation that requires urgency or efficiency. They are extremely lightweight, have a small carbon footprint, are strong enough to withstand strong winds and other natural disasters, and are modular so they can be shipped anywhere. Other qualities are:

Fast installation. The fabric building is helpful in many emergencies because it can be assembled quickly.

Easy installation and removal. The construction requires no special skills  because the framework is designed for its assembly. Similarly, the building is easy to remove when it is no longer needed.

Highly customizable and with a high degree of personalization, these buildings can be configured to deal with any type of urgency, and the building has sliding doors to accommodate the entrance of emergency equipment. The building contains lighting and other accessories for greater comfort.

Exceptional versatility. Buildings can be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a space with a bit of room or one that’s restricted, you can choose the most suitable size and shape for your needs.

Emergency temporary buildings – applications areas

These buildings are made of galvanized steel, and water and mould-repellent fabric. The wheels, with a safety mechanism to avoid derailment, are frictionless and processed with a lubricant that facilitates sliding.

These emergency buildings are an extension of the main building. An example is a hospital that provides more space when the number of patients drastically increases. For example, when hospital rooms are filled with patients, this emergency building can act as a field hospital.

Patient flow into the hospital can be regulated using the structure as a triage/medical tent. 

The emergency building can also be used to store emergency vehicles and equipment. It could function as a tunnel for queuing and for the loading and unloading of emergency goods.

Tax reductions for temporary buildings are quite possible depending on the country. Local rules will provide further information on such matters.

Structure Hot dip galvanized steel with bolted joints
Design EN 1990-1999 (Eurocodes) D.M. 17.01.2018 Norme Tecniche per le Costruzioni-NTC
Size Width 10 / 15 mt, unlimited depth
Roof PVC fabric
Side walls PVC or corrugated sheet/sandwich panels
Front walls Fixed or sliding curtains or high speed doors
Access No
Fixing On concrete ground through anchor bolts

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