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Temporary agricultural buildings

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Giesse fabric buildings with the straight legs come in handy for a number of varied functions. The structure is simply strong enough to withstand any weather with stoicism over time. And that’s not all. It also comes with covered storage space.


Functions of fabric agricultural buildings

Straight-legged buildings are the must-have for any farmer — these practical and efficient structures are easy to erect and dismantle. Extremely versatile, they can be used as livestock buildings, machine sheds, and storage buildings. They’re extremely stable, owing to the fact that they don’t rely on any complex constructs or supports — making them perfectly suitable for farms and agricultural areas.

Buildings for agriculture and livestock can also be  successfully deployed as cover for crops, protection against harsh weather conditions in the event of heavy rain, snowfall and hail. 

The same buildings can be used to store machine tools or other work equipment and are also perfect temporary stables or for hay and crop protection.

This multi-purpose use is possible because of the PVC fabric and rigid steel frame it is made of.

Characteristics of agricultural buildings

Tensile structures for agriculture are great for many applications — from high tunnels to large greenhouses. These structures can be custom built in many sizes and shapes according to customer’s needs and specs. We provide you with a durable galvanized steel frame, as well as a double side coated polyester fabric roof and sidewalls.

The PVC material is resistant to bad weather and high loads. The fabric is so tough that the risk of a wildfire is minimized — it can withstand temperatures above 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Compared to traditional materials, such as cotton or leather, PVC fabric has a longer lifespan and requires little maintenance.

There are different options available to anchor the structure:

It can be placed on concrete curbs, fixed on concrete walls or through specific anchor bolts.

The tensile structures for agriculture are also open for customization. Side walls type (removable or permanent) and roof frame are the customer’s choice

All PVC fabric buildings are designed with wheels, which are installed on guide rails. This means they can move around easily, making them easy to place, relocate, and load.

Advantages of fabric farm buildings

These agricultural structures can be used to house hay, straw, forage, storage of crops, machinery, temporary barns and more. Because they are lightweight and portable, farmers can relocate these buildings if needed. The flexibility of this kind of construction is one of the most attractive features for end-users — farmers can easily expand their facilities when more space is needed.

Cheap and effective, Agriculture PVC fabric buildings are a cost-conscious solution for farm storage and industrial sheds. With the ability to go up in just a few days, the installation time for these must-have structures is significantly lower than brick or concrete construction. Whether it’s for your farm fresh produce or automotive manufacturing equipment, Agriculture PVC fabric buildings can be built to fit your exact requirements.

Great versatility: it is easy to remove because of its modular nature.

Quick installation: it only takes 30 to 60 days to complete this building.

Customization: The final users can design the building to their taste (aside from the dimensions)  adding extra accessories such as lighting, etc.

Structure Hot dip galvanized steel with bolted joints
Design UNI EN 13031-"Greenhouses: design and construction"
Size Modular depth 3 mt – Height of the column 3 mt Width 6 mt (h 4138 mm), 8 mt (h 4560 mm), 10 mt (h 4985 mm)
Roof PVC fabric
Side walls PVC fabric
Front walls Fixed or sliding curtain or speed doors
Access No
Fixing On concrete walls, on the ground by holding bolts or on prefabricated supports

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