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Temporary steel building

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Giesse steel buildings are essential for protecting goods in warehouses. They provide protection over the entire warehouse, keeping raw materials and finished products safe.

The galvanized steel backbone in these structures provides durability and offers the customer versatility and functionality.


What is sheet-shelter used for?

The versatile structure of sheet shelters allows these buildings to accommodate any field of application. For example:

Industry. To extend the space for sheltered production or to protect sensitive goods, steel structures are also used as a place for storing equipment and vehicles.

Farming and agro-food: Sheet metal shelters are an excellent solution for the agriculture industry. They offer protection to crops, products, and animals alike.

Leisure, sports, and commercial sector. Giesse Industrial Shelters are perfect for events, exhibitions or competitions that need a designated space in the schedule. 

Steel buildings – structure

Steel buildings are designed and manufactured with  customers’ instructions in mind. One of the many options available is galvanized steel with galvanized or coated sheet covering. The steel structure is available in various sizes.

A standard sheet-shelter is usually equipped with a gable roof to allow water flow, but it can be made with a single slope roof if necessary.

The basic features of the steel building are often chosen based on the needs of the project. There are various sizes that can vary depending on need. The side and front walls are galvanized sheet metal, while openings are doorways with gutters around them.

We offer a variety of elements to add to the structure, such as windows and skylights in translucent polycarbonate. You may also choose from our range of industrial doors, customized to your needs.

The safety of the structure is guaranteed by anchor bolts sunk into the foundation and by snow barriers.

Why choose sheet-shelter

Giesse’s sheet-shelter is a cost-effective, protective solution to a variety of needs. Compared to traditional buildings, the main structure of a sheet-shelter is substantially stronger. If customized, a sheet-shelter by Giesse can be an excellent solution for equipment storage, crops, and protecting herds.

One of the reasons why industrial steel shelters are preferable to other choices is because they are made of excellent quality materials. Antioxidant treatments are applied to each part, which preserves the building’s durability.

Steel shelters are less expensive than concrete structures. They are often exempt from certain taxes, too. Steel shelters are a smart economic choice for any company. To find out more about local laws and regulations, please contact your local government representative.

Structure Hot dip galvanized steel with bolted joints
Design EN 1990-1999 (Eurocodes) D.M. 17.01.2018 Norme Tecniche per le Costruzioni-NTC
Size Depending on the project
Roof Galvanized or prepainted corrugated sheet
Guttering Press-bended channels for rainwater collection
Side walls Galvanized or prepainted corrugated sheet
Front walls Galvanized or prepainted corrugated sheet
Windows Translucent polycarbonate windows
Access Made through steel frames
Fixing On concrete ground through anchor bolts
Safety Fall arrest lifeline on roof and snow stop bar

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