High Speed Doors

Giesse’s industrial high-speed doors are ideal for those areas of application that require fast transits between one zone and another, avoiding heat loss.


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The complete docks products set to connect and seal your warehouse with vehicles during loading and unloading phases.

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High speed doors

High-speed PVC doors by Giesse are extremely suitable in situations that require a door to open and close rapidly. The door acts as a barrier and helps maintain environmental temperature control, saving energy and reducing bills.

High-speed doors are suitable for many sectors that need to separate working process activities.

Types of industrial doors

It is possible to select from a wide range of PVC high-speed doors  according to the purpose of the application field.

Industrial speed doors enable multiple practical applications because of their exceptional versatility. Customers can choose the type of closing solution as well as the shape, the sizes and the opening/closing mechanism that best fit the end-user requirements.

Many sectors can benefit from high-speed doors:

  • Industries. A space-saving door that ensures thermal and acoustic insulation, suitable for each industrial sector;
  • Commerce. A PVC high-speed door enables the optimization of traffic flows and logistic activities.
  • Residential. Speed doors are suitable even for domestic use, serving as a sealing for garages and parking spaces.

Characteristics of high-speed door

Industrial speed doors stand out for their high-quality standard and enable all the users to take advantage of an efficient closing system, subjected to an intensive use over time.

These motorized PVC industrial doors consist of a self-supporting structure that contains electric cables and a strong and durable polyester fabric door. It is possible to equip them with an optional window that allows light to come in.

Giesse high-speed doors can be tailor-made following the customer instructions. Size and color options are available, logos, pictures and texts may be printed onto the door panels.

Why choose Giesse?

To avoid typical and hard-to-trust answers, such as, ‘because can we offer you the best product at the best price’, let’s try answering another question that better defines Giesse plc:

Why should you rely on Giesse?

And why rely rather than trust Giesse?

Relying on someone means that you let yourself be guided by someone who is trustworthy and give, attribute or transmit responsability to them, trusting in thir capacity, care or discretion.

Choosing Giesse plc. means relying on a team of qualified technicians who are able to identify and analyse the logistical and organizational requirements of a company, but above all, working with clients to define the best technological and tailored solution to the problems identified.

The solution does not always correspond to the identification of a product or a type of product. Over the course of the years, Giesse plc. has streamlined processes which are not directly linked to the client, breaking free from commorcial logistics linked to price in the belief that client satisfaction should be firmly planted at the centre of their solutions, not only to sell something to clients, but because Giesse plc. retains the importance of this and above all, are aware of the importance of it for the company’s ethics and wellbeing.

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