In the event of faults or routine maintenance, it is possible to find faults in the mechanisms which, if not repaired or replaced, can lead to damage to the rapid door or to personnel, which is why it is useful to find spare parts for the high speed door.

Spare parts for high-speed doors come in different types and vary from the opening mechanism and the power supply that drives the automatic motor. Let’s take a look at the spare parts for high-speed doors that Giesse Uk offers


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High Speed Doors: accessories

As we have written above, the spare parts and accessories that complete rapid doors are different, so it is a good idea to purchase the right, high-performance material that solves the rapid door problem and, if necessary, to add an accessory to improve business logistics.

Various automatic or manned opening devices can be requested from Giesse employees via contact forms to improve the flow of business. Thanks to the installation of a radar or remote control, it is possible to open the rapid door automatically when a forklift truck passes. These rapid door accessories are great for optimising work in warehouses.

In situations where the environment is very cold, such as refrigerated food warehouses, it is possible to install or replace with non-standard spare parts such as cold environment resistant motors, these accessories are commonly installed on refrigerated express doors.

High speed door parts and mantenance

During extraordinary or routine maintenance, it is normal to find malfunctions in industrial high-speed doors. This is because in work-intensive environments, it can happen that safety light curtains or the curtain of the high-speed door are struck and broken. Giesse provides parts to help suppliers and new customers find spare parts for rapid doors.

Not all speed door parts are multi-brand

Many accessories can be installed on different rapid doors, but it is a good idea to check compatibility. Our Giesse technicians are available to provide assistance in purchasing the right spare part, please contact us for information.

It should be remembered that the maintenance of fast doors is required by law to maintain a safe and functional place for operators working with or adjacent to the industrial closure.

What you need to know about motors for rapid doors

After a lot of operator stress, the motor or control panel may stop working and break down. It is useful to check the cause of the malfunctioning before replacing the motor in order not to risk burning out the new fast door replacement part.

After testing, Giesse provides customers in the United Kingdom with a wide range of accessories and spare parts for the broken rapid door, so a technician can be called in to fix the fault and possibly replace the faulty motor with a new one.

In the case of control panels, it is a good idea to check whether the parts are to be installed on a 240V fast roll-up door or a 400V roll-up door. This detail is very important because automatic closures are supplied with a different voltage and if it is wrong, it causes immediate failure.

Speed door opening controller

Quick door-opening controls are excellent tools for improving work inside the warehouse. It is useful to install a transmitter with a remote control to open the door manually even away from the industrial closure pillar, it is integrated inside the door especially for handling goods using a forklift truck.

Another accessory that is always found adjacent to the door is the safety button with red mushroom for stopping the machine. It is installed inside the rapid door but can be ordered as an additional accessory or as a spare part for the rapid door.

Two-colour signs can be installed adjacent to the passageway to visually show the operators the opening and closing of the door and thus the transit of vehicles. With the red signal, pedestrians must stop and wait for the green colour for transit on foot, always checking the work of the other operators.

After installing the accessory in the quick door, it is a good idea to check its function

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