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The DUAL-AIR® is designed for large external applications and/or openings in exposed locations.

• Ideal for exposed areas
• Large industrial applications
• Thermal and acoustic benefits

Drive unit 400V 3ph In-line including safety-brake
Clear opening size Min Width: 4000 mm - Heigth: 4000 mm / Max Width: 15000 mm - Heigth: 10000 mm
Head box 400 X 200 mm
Uprights Galvanized profiles including pre-wired light curtains
Activation Start and Stop push buttons mounted on the control panel
Curtain Double Leaf PVC Coated fabric with reinforced horizontal wind bars
Safety Intelligent Light Curtains
Speed from 0,4 m/sec to 0,8 m/sec depending on door sizes
Installation Internal / External
Wind resistance Class 2 – higher wind class ratings available on special applications
Belts For vertical lifting

The DUAL-AIR® fold-up door is engineered to accommodate large openings up to 15m x 10m, providing expansive solutions for various spaces.

External and Internal ‘dual’ curtain design ensures maximum safety.
Lifting belts positioned between the dual curtains eliminate the risk of injury during operation.
Pre-wired safety light curtains integrated within the frame detect obstacles or individuals, automatically reversing the direction of the DUAL-AIR® for enhanced safety.
Integral wind bars enhance door security and fortify it against strong winds.

Integral wind bars provide superior weather resistance against wind loads up to Class 4.
Steel wheels at each end prevent curtain displacement.
The dual curtain design creates an air chamber, offering optimal thermal and acoustic insulation.

SafeDrive Technology:
The co-axial motor of the DUAL-AIR® is ingeniously located within the upper head, reducing overall side and front dimensions while ensuring seamless operation.

  • Integral wind bars offer increased door security and higher wind resistance.
  • The in-line drive unit ensures protection against weather and an easy access in case of replacement.
  • Dual curtain creates an air chamber offering optimal thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Optimal for large openings.

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