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The AUTO-FRIGO is the cold-storage rapid door. It maintains a consistent temperature and ensure energy efficiency.

• Chilled and Cold storage down to -10 degrees
• Insulated
• Themal benefit

Drive unit Lateral - Single phase pre-wired
Max opening sizes Width: 4500 mm - Heigth: 4200 mm
Head box 400 x 500 mm
Uprights Self-supporting frame including pre-wired light curtains
Guides Polyethylene sliding profiles
Activation Start and Stop push buttons integrated on the upright
Curtain Insulated double layer polyester
Safety Intelligent Light Curtains
Speed 0,8 m/s
Installation Internal
Wind resistance Class 2

The AUTO-FRIGO® is tailored for refrigerated environments experiencing significant temperature differentials and low humidity levels.

With a sandwich curtain featuring PVC fabric, expanded polyethylene, and additional PVC fabric layers, the AUTO-FRIGO® door provides impeccable thermal insulation.

Its insulating slat with astotal thickness of 20mm, designed to maintain continuous insulation without creating thermal bridges, are pivotal in preventing the occurrence of ice or condensation between sections.

The door offer seamless and reliable operation, achieving opening speeds of up to 2.0 meters per second.

Enhanced with a zipper edge curtain, the AUTO-FRIGO® high-speed roller doors guarantee exceptional sealing performance and reset facilities.

  • Lowers energy consumption costs.
  • Durable against impacts and repairable.
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Demonstrates minimal air leakage, promoting energy conservation.
  • Serves as an effective hygiene barrier.
  • Insulated

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