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The AUTO-FULL® high speed door is designed for continual use with an innovative repairing function to reset the door following an impact.

• Soft repairable bottom edge
• Settable with mobile device
• Temperature zone control

Drive unit Lateral - Single phase pre-wired
Max clear opening size Width: 6000 mm - Heigth: 5500 mm
Head box 350 X 350 mm
Uprights Self-supporting frame including pre-wired light curtains
Guides Polyethylene sliding profiles
Activation Blu.control box
Curtain PVC Coated fabric
Safety Intelligent Light Curtains
Speed 1.2 m/s
Installation Internal
Wind resistance Class 2

This manually repairing high-speed door presents an innovative and cost-effective solution for environments characterized by high door traffic and the necessity for optimal environmental control. These doors guarantee seamless and efficient operation while ensuring a tight seal, crucial for environmental regulation.

It is equipped with blu. , the new Giesse interface which allows an easy setup of the door completely from your phone and offers more features such us setting the limit switch, change configurations and error alerts. It comes with a low level pre-wired control box with open push button, emergency stop button, beacon and the blu. button which, when pressed, activates a speaker which informs the user about the status of the door. It also act as junction box for additional accessories.

The doors boast smooth and dependable functionality with opening speeds of up to 2.0 meters per second. Featuring a zipper edge design, the AUTO-FULL® high-speed roller doors ensure superior sealing performance.

Moreover, their soft bottom edge facilitates repair capability after impact from forklifts or other vehicular traffic.

The AUTO-FULL® high speed door offers light curtains as a safety feature compliant with European standards. Operating options include radar sensors, induction loops, remote controls, traffic lights or push buttons with the flexibility for custom interlocking configurations to meet specific needs.

  • Ensures quiet and dependable operation.
  • Reduces energy wastage expenses.
  • Resilient to impact and capable of repair.
  • Excellent for areas with high traffic volume.
  • Exhibits low air permeability, fostering energy efficiency.
  • Functions as an excellent barrier for hygiene purposes.
  • Settable with mobile device.

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