High Speed Doors by Giesse have been rigorously tested and researched to surpass traditional industrial systems with their typical opening and closing blips, overcoming old failures with features of superlative quality.  


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Industrial Speed Doors

Characteristics of roller shutter doors.

Roller shutter doors stand out for their high quality and enable users to benefit from a durable and functional closing system.

These motorized PVC roller shutters are made from a self-supporting structure that contains electric cables. They are weatherproof and made of a  strong and durable polyester fabric. It is possible to insert an optional window, allowing light to shine through to the inside of the structure.

The roller shutters can be tailored to customer needs; dimension specifics, shade of fabric, even custom graphics can all be applied for a unique and personalised door.

Areas in which we operate

Sectors which benefit from PVC roller shutters

PVC roller shutters have utility in different fields because of the number of models catalogued and on offer; and because there is a bespoke option allowing the end-user to choose the most suitable dimensions and the most adequate opening mechanism to suit requirements.

Roller shutters can be used in the following circumstances:

  • Industry:  A space-saving door with rapid opening mechanisms. Due to their high grade thermal and acoustic insulation, PVC roller shutters can in fact be used in all branches of the industrial sector.
  • Commerce: PVC roller shutters facilitate traffic flow and logistical activities linked to loading.
  • Residential: Roller shutters are even suitable for domestic use, serving as a high standard garage door.

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