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high speed doors

High-speed freezer doors

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It’s a great energy-efficient folding door option for freezers and cold rooms, and it’s especially good for the food and beverage industry. Giesse’s PVC industrial doors for cold storage are all built to fulfill the demands of the refrigeration and preservation industries. The high-quality components that make up the closure system give the insulating cladding that the application requires.


Door solution for the freezer – end-users

The Dual-Freezer folding door is developed for commercial refrigeration applications, but its adaptability allows it to be used in a variety of different industries. Consider the following scenario:

In both large-scale distribution and retail establishments, the food business

Restaurants, cafeterias, and other food sellers with refrigeration rooms are examples of foodservice.

Producers and providers of quick-frozen meals

All enterprises that require cold-room storage, such as those in the medical, pharmaceutical, and biological fields, and whose cold warehouses are used to protect materials and maintain hygienic standards.

Industrial freezer doors can be used in a variety of industries. Its principal aim is to facilitate the fast passage of forklifts, commodities, and equipment between rooms that require environmental control, in terms of temperature and humidity.

Why choose dual-freezer®: excellent performance and characteristics

High-speed cooler and freezer doors are a fantastic alternative for any operations that demand-controlled temperature storage in terms of both safety and thermal insulation.

It is not commonplace for some businesses to insist that regions be separated. We have a variety of fold-up freezer door options that are quick and simple to install, space-saving, and simple to maintain.

Industrial double PVC curtains doors for cold storage rooms are a game-changing invention in the industrial door industry. They’re made for low-temperature storage, which is required to safeguard products’ physiological health. When the curtains are closed, an air space is created between them, which acts as a barrier against temperature changes.

High-speed freezer door components – installation

The materials used in door manufacturing allow for the creation of one-of-a-kind doors for any situation, even when the application must fit into tight places. In terms of closing system technology, a short open time and a tight seal limit air transfer, which saves energy. Materials, together with advanced technology, provide the optimal thermal insulation thus reducing condensation and frost.

The door is simple and quick to install, and it does not affect the smooth operation of the business.

The light curtain system also makes it easier for operators and items to move because it instantly shuts off in the event of an impact, assuring optimum safety.

Operator Frontal or lateral
Max clear passage W 5000 x H 4000 mm
Upper beam size 400 x 200 mm
Rail electrical conduits included
Opening controls Start / Stop push button
Curtain Double leaf curtain polyester fabric, 730 gr/m2
Windows No
Safety Light curtains
Speed 0.8 m/s
Installation Inside
Wind resistance Class 0
Belts For double curtain lifting

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