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The DUAL-FREEZER® rapid door is designed to divide extremely low temperature compartments ensuring a fast operation.

• Cold storage down to -20 degrees
• Ideal for compartmentalisation
• Suitable for negative temperatures only

Drive unit Lateral - Single phase pre-wired for low temperature
Clear opening sizes Min Width: 2000 mm - Heigth: 2500 mm / Max Width: 4000 mm - Heigth: 4000 mm
Head box 400 x 200 mm
Uprights Galvanized profiles including pre-wired light curtains
Activation Start and Stop push buttons mounted on the control panel
Curtain Double Leaf PVC Coated fabric
Windows No
Safety Intelligent Light Curtains
Speed 0.8 m/s
Installation Internal
Wind resistance Class 0
Belts For vertical lifting

Dual-freezer rapid door is the ideal solution for cold storages.
This door effortlessly divides extremely low-temperature compartments, ensuring swift operations even in the most demanding environments.
With its innovative dual curtain design, our door creates an air chamber that optimizes thermal insulation.
Lifting belts are placed between the dual curtains mitigate the risk of injury during door operation, providing peace of mind to users.
Moreover, our door doesn’t rely on heaters, eliminating additional energy expenses and reducing the likelihood of breakdowns.

  • The dual curtain design creates an air chamber offering optimal thermal insulation
  • Reduces energy wastage expenses.
  • Doesn’t require heaters, avoiding extra energey expenses and possible breakdowns.
  • Lifting belts positioned between the dual curtains eliminate the risk of injury during operation.

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