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High speed folding doors

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Giesse Logistics creates folding door solutions that are adapted to the needs of each customer. Impact-resistance, insulation capability, and resistance to atmospheric agents, all  are characteristic of our Fold-Up® doors range. The high-speed folding door is ideal for all industrial activities requiring frequent motion of personnel and equipment


Folding doors have certain technical qualities.

  1. he fold-up door’s technical attributes improve its functionality. The folding door has a galvanized steel frame, although it is also available in varnished steel if needed. The electric cables are protected by their situation running through the side columns.
  2. The PVC fabric curtain slides on side rails and is strengthened with horizontal bars to aid folding and increase the interior’s protection from inclement weather.
  3. The opening/closing mechanism is activated by a lateral start push button, which engages a series of lifting belts, allowing the door to open and close.
  4. High-speed folding doors withstand heavy gusts for maximum safety. In addition, because the light curtain system immediately shuts off in the event of a hit, it makes it easier for operators and items to pass through.
  5. The seals’ supreme tightness enables environmental isolation and noise insulation, as well as protecting sensitive items from temperature changes.

Automatic folding doors have a lot of advantages

  1. Fold-up PVC industrial doors have remarkable properties that greatly boost the efficiency of your operations. They are especially adaptable, flexible and sturdy, making them suitable for practically any purpose.
  2. Giesse high-speed fold-up doors adhere to current regulations in terms of quality, resulting in a top-of-the-range service.
  3. Companies who pick fold-up doors benefit from a space-saving option; the steel structure and the PCV curtain do not obstruct continuous traffic, but they do help to speed up and simplify operations.
  4. The acoustic isolation provided by the PVC industrial door is excellent, and installation is simple.
Operator Frontal or lateral
Max clear passage W 7500 x H 6000 mm
Upper beam size 400 x 200 mm
Rail Including electrical conduits
Opening controls Start / Stop push button
Curtain PVC 1200 gr/sqm
Windows 1 row 1000 x 300 mm each
Safety Light curtains
Speed 1,2 m/s
Installation Inside / Outside
Wind resistance Class 2
Belts For curtain lifting

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