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FOLD-UP® is the folding rapid door for intensive and continuous use in industrial environments.

• Ideal for external openings
• Industrial applications
• Intensive use

Drive unit 400V 3ph In-line drive
Max clear opening sizes Width: 7500 mm - Heigth: 6000 mm
Head box 270 X 150 mm
Uprights Galvanized profiles including pre-wired light curtains
Activation Start and Stop push buttons mounted on the control panel
Curtain PVC Coated fabric with horizontal wind bars
Safety Intelligent Light Curtains
Speed from 0,8 m/sec to 1,2 m/sec depending on door sizes
Installation Internal / External
Wind resistance Class 2
Belts For vertical lifting

The FOLD-UP® high-speed fabric doors a cost-effective solution for large openings and external use, especially in high-wind scenarios.
Perfect for loading bays, factories, distribution centres, and more, these doors enhance productivity by minimizing energy waste with their intuitive design.
Achieve opening speeds of up to 1 meter/second, with flexibility in sizes up to 7.5 meters wide and 6 meters high, ensuring adaptability to your specific needs.
Crafted from durable PVC-coated fabric, our doors withstand harsh weather and repeated use, available in various colors with optional transparent vision panels for customization.
Built for longevity, the FOLD-UP® door offers sturdy components, including wind bars for optimal performance in exposed environments.
The galvanized steel frame design reduces air permeability, ensuring durability in active settings.

  • Durable, cost-effective high-speed fabric door tailored for larger openings.
  • Safe and reliable operation with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • High-speed functionality, enhancing overall efficiency and minimizing energy wastage.
  • The in-line drive unit ensures protection against weather and an easy access in case of replacement.

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