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Loading bays

Sectional doors for loading bays

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Sectional doors can be used for private and industrial purposes. They can be used as garage doors as well as to help manual operators optimize their job of loading one bay after another.

These doors, alongside the dock leveler and the dock shelter are the main elements that constitute the loading point.


Application areas of sectional doors

The sectional door is perfect for optimizing available space  because of its vertical sliding motion, one space can become two. At the same time, it is a viable solution to safely seal your premises. These are not the only applications of sectional doors. In fact, these doors are highly applicable in many sectors of the economy. Below is a list of some of these beneficial applications:

  • In the industrial sector, sectional doors can provide an airtight seal for warehouses, buildings and sheds of companies.
  • Because these doors are equipped with insulating panels that provide for a regular temperature, they can also be beneficial to the agri-food sector. Since the food supply chain regularly demands proper preservation of sensitive materials, sectional doors will effectively prevent fluctuating temperature that may reduce product quality especially during loading and unloading procedures.

Aside from these applications and many others, sectional doors produced by Giesse can easily fit any building while preserving the building’s style and design.

There is also the added advantage for sectional industrial doors in loading bays, that they do not require specific maintenance work and are perfect for activities that compulsorily require a fast-closing system.

Characteristics of industrial sectional doors

The vertical opening/closing mechanism of a sectional door is its key quality. This quality is what makes it perfect for fast operation and maximizing space use especially in industrial environments where regular loading and unloading procedures are a given.

In addition to this, the structure is as light as any such structure can be which aids in fast service and contributes to its effectiveness. The lightweight material of the structure accompanied by its thin frame allows for glitch-free installation in narrow spaces.


These doors are also highly customizable which means the end-user gets to select all additional elements necessary to maximize the door’s performance. Workers will find this door most beneficial when it is completely open as this implies a clutter-free passageway with limited risk of damages and injuries.

The resistant steel from which the door frame is made ensures maximum thermal and acoustic insulation.

Manufacturing and installation of sectional doors

It is extremely simple and quick to install sectional doors for industrial application. The customer just has to place orders which Giesse will attend to by providing manual and motorized opening/closing systems. There are also offers of several additional elements which may further enhance the door’s functionality if the customer so desires.

Since we are a customer-oriented company, the coating of the galvanized steel structure from which the frame is made may be determined with the client during the design process. Customers can be rest assured the frame is manufactured in compliance with existing rules.

The ideal thermal insulation is provided by the panels which can withstand winds up to class 2. In case of emergency, the panels are further equipped with a safety system which ensure a door stop.

Operator Manual or automatic
Max sizes L 6000 X H 5000 mm
Frame Pressed sheet metal
Curtain Insulated panels 40 mm
Shaft Supported by brackets
Motor Lateral
Safety CE 13241
Speed 0.3 m/s
Side of installation Inside
Wind resistence Class 2

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