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Automation high speed doors

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Giesse’s Automation door® is ideal for specialised applications such as a high-frequency conveyor. This type of automation is distinguished by high-quality materials  ensuring intense and long-term use.

Giesse doors can be integrated with industrial automation machinery. This feature allows the doors to open and close automatically with total safety.


Application areas for high-speed roller doors in conveyor systems

Automation door® is especially beneficial for tasks that need a high-volume passage of products. Its application may benefit a variety of industries, including:

Industry. Big warehouses are often required by small, medium-sized, and large businesses to store raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished items. Managing huge quantities of items necessitates the use of high-speed material-handling doors to improve operational efficiency. This automation applies to all departments of production and offers environmental control and separation.

Food and agro-food industries. Fast operating speeds of the automatic closure system may assist supermarkets or other food-management activity. It makes the movement of items between departments easier.

In general, Automation door® is a good closing system option that is appropriate for heavy use. The material handling door, which is dependable, safe, and functional, promotes safety and efficiency in automated manufacturing processes.

Excellent properties of a high-speed roller door for automated storage

This PVC fabric industrial rolling door is built to withstand a high volume of automated opening and shutting cycles. It can be installed within a conveyor system between the operational portions and the storage regions.

The door is subjected to a series of tests known as stress tests before installation, during which a simulation of the functioning processes takes place. The tests are designed to demonstrate resilience to repeated automatic opening and shutting cycles with no interruptions.

The electric motor, whose wires run within the frame, powers the fast-acting doors. The door contributes to energy efficiency by allowing for minimum air intrusion, while the opening speed allows for an extraordinarily high cycle frequency.

In terms of opening controls, the doors are equipped with a start/stop push button or a LED flashing blinker, depending on the specific requirements.

The door construction is outfitted with polyethene tracks to avoid damages and injuries while also promoting long-term use. The PVC fabric panel, which has previously been subjected to specific treatments, is low-maintenance.


  1. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  2. It has a lateral operator.
  3. The maximum clear passage is W 6000 × H 5500 mm.
  4. The upper beam level is 350 × 350 mm 
  5. It has self-supporting, electrical conduits.
  6. The opening controls have a start / stop push button and a LED flashing blinker
  7. The wind resistance level is 2. 
  8. It has a maximum speed output of 62 seconds.

Why choose automation door


Automation Door® by Giesse is an excellent solution if you’re looking for a high-speed and energy-efficient solution for your automated storage. It comes in a range of colours and sizes, and some optional attachments are available to improve the performance even more.

Automation doors stand out for their supreme level of quality, allowing all users to benefit from a reliable closing mechanism, even during frequent use. A device guides the curtain back into the track in the event of impact, an essential safeguard for this high-speed door.

Operator Lateral
Max clear passage W 6000 X H 5500 mm
Upper beam 350 X 350 mm
Rail Self-supporting, electrical conduits included
Zipper High density polietilen profile
Opening controls Start / Stop push button on board, led flashing blinker
Curtain PVC 1200 gr/sqm
Curtain reinsert Self-repairing
Windows 1 row 1000 X 300 mm each
Safety Light curtains
Speed 1.2 m/s
Installation Inside / outside
Wind resistance Class 2

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