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high speed doors

Composting high speed doors

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Giesse’s Compost-pack® is a unique solution for waste treatment and recycling operations. It is also appropriate for plants that frequently experience issues as a result of toxic compounds emitted by the gathered materials. A fast-closing mechanism is useful for limiting the discharge of infectious particles into the surrounding environment.


Areas of use for Compost-pack®

The Compost-Pack® high-speed door is appropriate for a wide range of applications. They can, more exactly, fit:

Recycling and composting These high-speed doors are critical for businesses that deal with recycling and garbage management daily, such as composting facilities.

Agriculture. To close the rooms where organic fertilizers are frequently accumulated;

The manufacturing industry. To avoid contamination of the air and land, as well as the dispersal of waste created during the manufacturing process;

Food and beverages industry. It is used for sealing rooms for rubbish collection.

Industry of chemicals and pharmaceuticals It is critical to avoid contamination in this industry.

Companies that deal with easily degradable organic material regularly.

Technical aspects of high-speed composting doors

This high-speed door option consists of a galvanized steel structure and a robust PVC curtain that moves in a vertical folding action.

An airtight seal is provided by a system of rail guides and couplings between the elements, which prevents odours and hazardous exhalations. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation is required for the materials obtained not to decay too quickly.

The quick cycle rates, capable of moving at 1,2 m/s, reduce the volume of air that may escape each time the doors open and close, resulting in environmental control and isolation.

Because the electric wires and motor are contained within the side columns, the steel frame protects the motorized mechanism, which is not damaged by the particles emitted by the materials collected.

The lifting belts are powerful and long-lasting, allowing the door to operate continually. Furthermore, because it immediately turns off in the event of an accident, the light curtain system promotes the flow of operators and cargo.

All of these technological features contribute to the door’s flexibility, allowing it to be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Manufacture and installation of compost-pack

They’re used in recycling and composting facilities, and they’re ready to use right away following a simple and quick installation. Due to the specific properties of the door itself, high-speed doors for waste treatment and recycling facilities enhance sustainability:

Insulation is excellent both thermally and acoustically. The high grade of the frame material prevents pollution of the surroundings.

There are no requirements for floor space. It is a significant benefit, particularly for businesses that operate in constrained settings. Employees may thus fully utilize every available area, ensuring that traffic flow is unaffected.

Very low upkeep. Because of the high quality of materials, only routine maintenance (as mandated by law) is required.

Customization. In terms of size and opening/closing system, the door is custom-made to meet the needs of each client.

The doors open and close quickly. It ensures protection and safety at all times, making it ideal for high-traffic situations.

Operator Lateral
Max clear passage W 6000 X H 5500 mm
Upper beam 350 X 350 mm
Rail Self-supporting, electrical conduits included
Zipper High density polietilen profile
Opening controls Start / Stop push button on board, led flashing blinker
Curtain PVC 1200 gr/sqm
Curtain reinsert Self-repairing
Windows 1 row 1000 X 300 mm each
Safety Light curtains
Speed 1.2 m/s
Installation Inside / outside
Wind resistance Class 2

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