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External High Speed Door

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High speed doors are fast, high-performance doors that offer a superior safety mechanism for industries that are into logistics, warehousing, textile, electronics, etc. 

High speed doors are known for their versatility and durability and have sustained high popularity in different fields. They can open and close quickly and safely. These features further explain why any business or industry would need them to ensure warehouse operations safety. It is recognised as a form of technological advancement for sectional doors and can be regarded as an optimal solution to industrial facility’s barrier Initiatives. 

The high speed doors vary in type. Each has its functionality, purpose, and restrictions. While some high speed doors are used exclusively interiorly, some facilities will need a high speed door for external purposes.

Giesse doors have made activities easy for industries by providing them with doors that can suit their different needs.


Types of high speed doors

High Speed Roll Up Door 

High-speed roll-up doors are fast, reliable, and energy-saving, suitable for industrial purposes. They are used for the sectional part of a facility, where activities that should be done in isolation are carried out.


  1. High speed roll-up door quickens fast opening and closing because of its simple curtain designs. This ensures effective and maximum security against heat, dirt, humidity, and temperature. 
  2. High speed roll up doors are designed as airtight doors made with coated polyesters and resistant to wind. 
  3. High speed roll-up doors are easy to operate, clean, and maintain.
external high speed door

external high speed door

Cold storage Roll up doors; AUTO-FRIGO

An insulated high-speed door provides a consistent and comfortable temperature for storing goods in environments where there might be fluctuations in the temperature. Cold storage roll-up door best serves warehouses that are into food and fruits.


  1. The cold storage roll-up door features LED flashing lights built in a column and prevents external elements. 
  2. Cold storage roll-up doors feature a tight seal that prevents air from entering. This, however, keeps food from damage, especially those that are easily perishable. 
  3. Cold storage roll-up doors have a fast opening time, no longer than 40 mins. This helps them offer a well-stable temperature. 
speed external doors

high speed doors excellent for external

High Speed Fold Up Door; FOLD-UP

High-speed fold-up doors best serve the logistics field or other commercial activities. It features characteristics that offer impact resistance, insulation capability, and atmospheric resistance agents.


  1. Its superior tightness ensures a quiet and isolated environment. It protects sensitive items from temperature changes. 
  2. PVC fabric curtain side rails strengthened with horizontal doors help the high-speed fold-up door be easily foldable and protect the interior. This technological innovation features a lateral start. 
  3. The push button, which involves lifting belts, allows the door to open and close.


Double Fold-Up Doors; DUAL-AIR

Giesse’s high-speed door comes with twin PVC curtains, which distinguishes it from its contemporaries because of its exceptional insulating power and a high degree of customisation in each component.

Double fold up door is made of self-extinguishing PVC, which provides thermal and acoustic insulation for any orifice. 


  1. It is a durable and reliable door that is sure to endure the severe wind. 
  2. It comes with window alternatives that ensure more security and convenience. 

Larger Size High Speed Door – DUAL-BIG

For logistic fields and industrial sectors involved in carrying out huge logistics and handling commodities that would require large warehouses, dual big can serve as a solution to the facility’s need for external doors. The logistics field requires a practical and convenient opening method that would not affect the entire operation of the working environment. 


  1. Dual big is not secluded to a type of industry, as it can be used in various industries, especially those needing closure for large openings.

Freezer doors; DUAL-FREEZER

This is another kind of high speed door. They are specifically designed for stores and freezer applications. It is suitable for cold stores, as it helps maintain a controlled temperature and an atmosphere well protected from any form of micro-organism. 


  1. It serves best industries that are into food production because of its controlled facility and well-regulated temperature
  2. This will avoid profit- killers and enhance productivity in a food warehouse. 
  3. Freezer high speed is cost-effective. They are self-repairable and help maximise cost and downtime. 

Cleanroom Doors; AUTO-PHARMA

Clean room doors are very well suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. They help control temperature and offer protection from any form of microorganisms that can alternate results in the pharmaceutical field. Best suitable for environments that require isolation in its day to day activities. 


  1. Features continuous weld and flush-mounting windows that simply help with cleaning and sterilisation. 
  2. Clean room doors feature automatic controls that are securely surrounded by safety sensors.
external speed doors

external rapid doors

Why Choose Giesse’s External Door for Your Company?

Giesse doors are unique for their brilliant designs and lead through technological innovations. It is a brand that launches new hardware solutions for aluminium doors and windows, with brilliant quality designs that yield productive results in an organisation’s day-to-day running. 

With a passion for consistently satisfying her customers, Giesse is intentional about delivering premium services and products to her customers. Being customer-centric, Giesse has produced high-speed doors that have helped her customers increase productivity, reduce labour costs, and enjoy maximum security over the years. 

Aside from the truth that Giesse doors can protect the different working environments, another reason you should choose Giese doors is its ease of cleaning or maintenance. You need not worry about maintenance costs, Giesse doors feature a self- inserting curtain that enables the door to still function even after collisions, and in case of any damage, doors are replaceable. Replacement is very easy, and if it needs to be checked by a technician, Giesse doors can still function with proper security measures in place before the arrival of the technician.



With a responsive customer care unit, you can always contact Giesse to ask further questions about her product or call them for installation and repairs. 

Products are guaranteed to serve you well and for a long time. With Giesse, you are sure to get the very best. 

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