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High Speed Doors in Birmingham

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The managing of resources differs from equipment, facilities, human power, and other materials that make a business function. Productive utilisation of time is of utmost importance to a thriving business. Moving workers and vehicles around the facility can also lead to time waste if no effective transport means exist.  This explains why every industry needs to save time, cost, and resources by installing an industrial door. 

Industrial doors are barriers used to separate different sections of a facility from another, allowing passage when needed. They are also known as high speed doors, and as the name implies, they are doors that open and close very quickly. Industrial doors vary from high speed roll-up doors, cold storage roll-up doors, clean room doors, high speed folding doors to double curtain doors. 

Businesses that need to carry out a fast operation of their day-to-day activities, such as sorting out logistics, or storing up goods in the warehouse, should understand that industrial doors will help safeguard their facility. It will also help to save costs and resources, increase productivity and ensure smooth traffic flow of raw materials much more than sectional doors. 

Having industrial doors in Birmingham shows locations do not limit them; rather, high speed doors are popularly known in different parts of the world.


Are You Looking for an Industrial Door in Birmingham?

There are different doors to help soothe different needs in Birmingham. Giesse doors understand the technicalities of satisfying the different desires of customers; hence, they have come up with different designs for different facilities. Even different sectors in facilities are not exempted, as there are different doors for different sectors in facilities. 

Different doors to perform different functions include:

Large Size High Speed Doors – Dual Big

These doors are used in industries that require the closure of large openings. It is a good closing solution that can withstand severe external pressure, such as wind. It is equipped with two curtains and made with strong, durable material to last for a long time without breaking out. Dual Big can serve different sectors, especially the industrial sector, logistics, and shipyard. 

The industrial sector requires the closure of large spaces such as a large warehouses because of their large goods. With a structure made with hard steels, upper beam and two-size double well-treated PVC curtains, they offer maximum security to your facility against mould.

They are also valuable for shipyards as they have what it takes to seal large openings of the shipyards, and they are also suitable for aircraft hangars. 

fast action door

External high speed door

Freezer Door

These are most suitable for freezers and cold rooms, and they are the most suitable for the food and beverage industry. They meet and go beyond the demands of the refrigeration and preservation industries. It helps regulate temperature, and it is designed to store freezer applications.

Double Curtain Door – Dual Air

It is made with a self-extinguishing PVC cloth that ensures thermal and acoustic insulation for any aperture. It is suitable for any kind of opening.

High Speed Fold Up Door – Fold Up

speed doors

High speed pvc doors

Best used for external purposes, feature characteristics such as impact resistance, insulation capability, and atmospheric resistance agents. Most useful in the logistics field and most suitable for commercial activities that require moving personnel and equipment from one place to another.

Clean Room Roll-Up Doors

These high speed doors help maintain the level of pressure within the room. They regulate temperature and offer protection from microorganisms. It helps reduce the exposure to contaminating agents and particles, which can ruin the processes carried out in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Cold Storage Roll-Up Door

Warehouses where food and fruits are kept, need a cold up storage roll-up door for the preservation of food. An insulated high-speed door offers a consistent temperature for cold storage food. It features a tight seal and smooth operation to reduce the loss of cool air and save energy. 

High Speed Roll Up Door

They facilitate high speed doors and quick movement of vehicles coming in and going out of your facility. With airtight characteristics, it promotes the entry and exit of vehicles in a facility with no hindrance. This ensures maximum efficiency across different working sectors.

Industrial Door Functionalities

Birmingham industrial doors offer a wide range of functionalities:

  • They serve as a means of environmental control. 
  • They serve as a means of saving costs in the day-to-day running of your facility, thereby enhancing productivity. 
  • They ensure maximum security of your facility from fire outbreaks, natural disasters etc. 
  • It functions as rapid access to vehicles and persons getting into your facility. 


Aside from their durability and reliability, the ease of maintenance and cleaning is of high commendation. They make activities in facilities stress-free, enjoyable, safe, and much more productive. They also grant easy and rapid access to vehicles and people entering and coming out of your facility.


Giesse doors are intentional about satisfying customers and ensuring the safety of unlimited facilities. Hence, Giesse doors are fixed at different locations, such as Industrial doors London, High speed doors in Birmingham, and several other locations. 

With very responsive customer service attending to customers’ needs, you can be sure to get your High speed door installed wherever and whenever. 

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