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Car wash doors

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HIgh-speed roll-up doors by Giesse resist the foaming agents of the carwash, and all adverse weather conditions too. This is due to the high quality materials utilised in each carwash and the adaptability of design, which is all yours: bespoke doors are available.


Why should car washes use high-speed PVC fabric doors?

High-speed PVC fabric doors are of great benefit to the carwash. In more conclusive detail: The door acts as a barrier between the washing station and the surrounding regions, shielding the operators from detergents.

The door is very insulating and, more particularly, works as a barrier against splashes, water streams, and other incidents that might impair productivity. 

Technical features of a car wash door

Giesse high-speed doors for car washes are made with corrosion-resistant components that reduce the possibility of rust caused by humidity and adverse weather. The curtain moves along the rails of a self-supporting metallic framework made up of two side columns and a top beam.

All of the materials used in the production of doors meet the requirements for safety and dependability.

The quick-action roll-up door for car washes provides a secure closing option. The door is sturdy and durable, and it can endure severe winds up to Class 2, allowing it to be installed in any location, regardless of climate conditions. The door is fitted with a light curtain system for optimal safety, allowing operators and vehicles to pass through while preventing costly damages and accidents.

The on-board start/stop push button allows the practical and convenient opening mechanisms to function. The curtain opens and shuts in a vertical rolling motion at 1.2 m/s.


  1. It has a lateral operator.
  2. The maximum clear passage is W 6000 × H 5500 mm.
  3. The upper beam level is 350 × 350 mm 
  4. It has self-supporting and electrical conduits. 
  5. The opening controls have a start / stop push button and a led flashing blinker.
  6. The wind resistance level is 2. 
  7.  It has a maximum speed output of 62 seconds.

Advantages of High-Speed Car Wash Doors

The doors to high-speed vehicle washes can be customized. The client can customize the door measurements (height, width, and depth) to meet their specific needs, allowing them to serve cars of all sizes.

Logos, photos, and messages can be printed on the door panel, as well as the curtain style and colour selections. The sturdy and long-lasting curtain, when treated properly, can withstand the test of time.

There is an option for an alternative window that permits the light to enter, adding a perk to your customer’s day.

Operator Lateral
Max clear passage W 6000 X H 5500 mm
Upper beam 350 X 350 mm
Rail Self-supporting, electrical conduits included
Zipper High density polietilen profile
Opening controls Start / Stop push button on board, led flashing blinker
Curtain PVC 1200 gr/sqm
Curtain reinsert Self-repairing
Windows 1 row 1000 X 300 mm each
Safety Light curtains
Speed 1.2 m/s
Installation Inside / outside
Wind resistance Class 2

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