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Cleanroom High Speed Doors

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Not all environments will tolerate an external influence, and activities carried out in a cleanroom is one such. Isolation from the external environment is of utmost importance for different sectors that require a cleanroom. Such industries include the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronic industry, cosmetic industry, etc. 

Staff responsible for the day-to-day running of such industries understand that to carry out any operation, there is a need for a safe space that is free from contamination and unwanted pollutants. In ensuring a safe space free from contaminants, a roller shutter to serve as a barrier between operational activities and processes in a cleanroom cannot be underemphasized. 

Before we proceed further, a knowledge of what a cleanroom is will help aid our understanding of the sole purpose of this article. 


What Is a Cleanroom?

A cleanroom is an environment devoid of natural control, which limits the influence of submicronic particles such as dust, airborne, chemical vapours, and many others present in the air on what is being produced. In a cleanroom, the environment adjusts to an atmosphere more suitable for the operator’s needs. Moreover, pollutants and contaminants in the environment become contained and taken out in the cleanroom. 

In creating a cleanroom, you must know the purpose for which you are creating one, and this helps you create a suitable cleanroom for your needs concerning your kind of production. For instance, creating a cleanroom for storing goods might not require the level of cleanliness of companies involved in manufacturing electrical components such as circuits. This is because the goods you store might be less reactive to pollutants.
Understanding the purpose of creating a cleanroom will help you create one suitable for your needs. 

I mentioned earlier that operations in a cleanroom occur in isolation, away from the external environment, hence the need for a roller shutter. By a roller shutter, what do I mean?
Roller shutters can also be referred to as high-speed doors. 

High-speed doors have gained popularity in many countries. They have been a source of maximum security for businesses and enterprises, especially production-oriented enterprises.

Over time, high-speed doors have served as technological advancement for well-known sectional doors. They can otherwise be referred to as speed doors or fast doors.
Speed doors are high-performance doors, and they are fast operating doors that offer a superior safety mechanism for any business enterprise.

clean room high speed doors

Clean room high speed doors

Why Use a High Speed Door?

Reasons for using a high speed roll up door for a cleanroom vary from the level of durability it guarantees to its high level of the performance standard and much more.
Below, we explain why speed doors are the best use for any enterprise. 

High Speed Door Guarantees a Hygienic Environment

High speed roll-up doors for a cleanroom are very well suited for the pharmaceutical industry, as they are subjected to a proper hygienic environment and safety standards.

The pharma- field is involved in the discovery, development, production, and marketing of drugs to patients. However, because the well-being of individuals is directly hinged on the functionality of the pharma field, there is a need for a high level of hygiene standards in this industry. This is why there is a need for a high speed roll up door in a cleanroom. 

High speed roll up doors for a cleanroom, such as a hospital, helps contain and remove the exchange of contaminant and airborne particles in the environment. 

Guarantees a Controlled Atmosphere

A high speed door in a cleanroom helps maintain a more controlled temperature that is well protected from any form of microorganism that can somehow alternate results carried out on text. 

There is airflow prevention, and the operation level is safe, especially in food-producing enterprises. To ensure hygiene in such an environment, one needs to maintain the adequate airflow required in the environment to prevent food damage.  

Ensures Maximum Security

It features automatic control which is securely surrounded by safety sensors. With a fast door, you can be sure that your staff, goods, and money are safe. Intruders can’t quickly get in through, and in case of a fire outbreak, the speed door’s safety sensor senses the fire automatically. 

They are certified fire-resistant, and they ensure maximum safety.
They also prevent collisions from happening and help reduce the movement of corrosive or toxic gasses from one place to another. 

Cost of Maintenance Is Low and Easy

A speed door is easy to maintain, and repairs do not take too long, as repairs can be made in less than 15 mins. This helps increase productivity in your business operations and guarantees a faster operation speed. It requires a lower cost of maintenance for its owner. 


Fast doors are versatile, as they can serve as doors for internal or external settings and protect any working environment. They are fast, reliable, durable, strong, user-friendly, and safe to use, and the list does not end. 

Reduction of Noise

With perfect insulation, high-speed doors save your ears from screeching noises and help reduce your energy bills. It assures you of a more conducive working environment, hence, giving your staff the ability to deliver results in a short time (Productivity).

clean room manufacturers uk

Clean room doors

Speed Door Functionalities

High-speed doors aim for quick movement around your business environment. They allow a smooth flow of raw materials, supplies, machinery, etc., because of opening and closing cycle features. It is further characterised by the power-operated, sliding or rolling features, and horizontal or vertical orientation. 

  • Power Operated

Fast doors are power-operated. They come in different styles and designs. They can also be installed manually.

  • Open and Closing Feature

Fast doors open and close in 2 seconds, saving time and cost.

  • Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

Fast doors could be in the form of vertical or horizontal high speed. They come in different designs and can be used for interior or exterior designs.


Benefits of a High Speed Door

It is not surprising that the benefits of a fast door are inexhaustible. You would rather not shortchange the safety of your staff, money, goods, and time for anything. To disallow this from happening, it is only logical that you go for a high speed door to ensure maximum security. 

They are tested and certified fire-resistant, with built-in security functions, and you are back on track even after a fire outbreak because of minimal damage.

Fast doors open and close cycle ensures a maximum level of productivity with an easily defined form of movement of people, products, and equipment, especially on busy days when fast doors open many times faster than a traditional door. Hence, promoting a well-satisfied customer experience.

A speed door opens and closes in 2 seconds. This, however, saves time, as an increase in speed guarantees reduced HVAC maintenance costs, heat and conditioning costs, and a reduced worker’s compensation cost from less fatal door-related injuries. 

Aside from these benefits, speed doors are of a high-quality standard. They are cost-saving, user-friendly, and easier to use. They are reliable and durable with a low-cost maintenance mechanism. 



We cannot overemphasise the importance of a speed door to the 21st-century business enterprise. Its values are inexhaustible.
Are you looking for how to maintain a conducive, well-controlled atmosphere for your cleanrooms or production enterprise? Then a high speed roll door, for a cleanroom, will be your best choice.

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