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Every high-speed door needs a mechanical part and an electrical part to achieve an effective automatic opening, which is why high-speed doors are equipped with control panels that control every movement of the pvc curtain.

The control panel of the high-speed doors consists of a 230 V or 400 V power supply for opening and closing the industrial closure. Each control panel is connected to accessories that enable the perfect and safe operation of the rapid door, in fact light curtains, safety controllers and buttons are also installed.

You can view the electrical connections of the control board within the user and maintenance manual issued with the high speed door, in case of loss Giesse Uk issues the high speed door O&M manual in multiple languages available for customers to facilitate maintenance and replacement of parts.

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Fold-up door controller

The control panel of the fast folding doors consists of a protection box and the control board in which the main electronic components that automatically move the pvc sheet are connected.

The accessories that connect to the control panel can have different functions, for example, coloured signs such as traffic lights, spotlights or flashing lights can be connected. Or to facilitate automatic openings, infrared radars or a receiver with special 4-channel remote controls can be installed for personnel entering and leaving the hall.

It is important to know that the high speed fold-up door has a 400V control panel to allow optimal and safe automatic opening.

Industrial roller shutter door control panel

In small rooms, industrial roller shutter doors are usually installed. This type of rapid door is equipped with a 230 V control panel. It has multiple functions and they are all adjusted via push buttons and a simple screen showing the various operations.

For correct installation, when purchased, the rapid door control panel is delivered already assembled and wired, so in the event of replacement, it is a good idea to check the use and maintenance booklet. The panel control of a coiling door can be positioned at the top, close to the motor, or inside a control box positioned close to the rapid door to facilitate the operator in opening.

The fast-rolling doors can be linked together to allow automatic staggered opening. This feature is made possible by the cable connection between two 230 V panel controls, an excellent solution for those requiring environments with different temperatures and atmospheric pressures.

Spare parts for the panel control

Giesse Uk provides its customers with many different types of accessories to be configured with the Quick Door Control Panel:


  • Push button
  • Open, close and safety stop push button
  • Swith rope Kit
  • Loop detector
  • Opening radar
  • Trasmitter and receiver (remote controller)
  • Light curtain


  • Traffic light
  • Acustic indicator
  • Flashing indicator

On-board or on-wall control boxes can be purchased to protect the control panel from any weather that may damage the quick door.

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