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High speed doors motor

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During work, it is necessary not to stop production due to inconveniences caused by warehouse logistics. In fact, in the event of a breakage of a high-speed door, it is possible to detect various types of faults in the electrical control board, the curtain, the buttons or the motor of the high-speed door.

In order to enable the automatic opening and closing operation of high-speed doors, they need high-performance motors that guarantee the work cycles necessary for production. In the event of a breakdown, it is a good idea to report the serial number of the rapid door in order to receive the right motor for replacement.

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Advantages of Giesse uk high-speed door motors

Giesse Uk has the necessary components for the repair and replacement of motors for coiling, vertical wrap-around and double curtain rapid doors. The rapid door motor is easy to install, making it the quickest and most functional solution to suit the customer’s needs.

It is possible to request different motors for different types of installation environments, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the motors we offer:

  • Speed Motor 1.5 kw / 0.75 kw / 2.2 Kw. Normal speed door motors designed to withstand high opening and closing cycles. They are durable and weatherproof, adapting to a variety of workplaces.
  • Strong Motor 1.5 kw / 0.75 kw / 2.2 Kw. Motors that withstand extreme conditions such as in very cold or damp environments or in environments where the motor is in contact with corrosive agents, e.g. maritime areas with salt-related problems.
  • Atex Motor 1.5 kw. These are motors with stainless steel metal components to avoid friction and the generation of sparks that increase the risk of explosion. In fact, normal galvanised steel motors contain magnesium, a chemical component that must be less than 7.5% in an Atex environment, which is why the metal components of motors are made of stainless steel.

Additional components for the high speed door motor

In the event of maintenance and replacement of accessories, you can ask Giesse UK for any spare parts for rapid doors. In fact, our company keeps a stock of spare parts and add-ons available for its customers to integrate with their high speed doors.

Standard Giesse rapid door motors are enclosed by an upper protective casing that not only contains the electrical connections but also protects the motor from the weather. It is possible to request an additional casing that houses and protects the entire motor inside.

There are many mechanical and electrical parts that can be replaced, and for the motor we at Giesse offer:

  • High speed doors motor
  • Gerabox motor
  • High speed door Limit swich
  • Control panel
  • Light curtain
  • Belt for fold up speed door
  • Opening systems
  • Other accessories

What is the purpose of the rapid door motor

In addition to the mechanical part, the movement of the rapid doors is also done by the electronic part such as the control panel and the motor. The latter consists of the limit switch and the gearbox to achieve perfect and precise opening and closing at all times.

Each motor must be proportionate to the size of the rapid door and the type. In fact, the motor of the high-speed door is different from the motor of the wrap-around door because they have to lift different weights and the mechanical parts are also different. So each high-speed door has a different motor, which is why you can find the right motor by looking at the serial number located on the door post of the high-speed door.

Contact one of our Giesse Uk technicians to purchase the most suitable high-speed door motor for your industrial lock.

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