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Industrial doors in London

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Industrial doors are security-guaranteed doors used by most industries, warehouses, factories, and companies. Industrial doors come with unique features that make them the best choice of doors. There are various industrial doors, ranging from roller shutter, sliding folding, high-speed, and many more.

Let’s take a look at the types of industrial high-speed doors.


Are you looking for an industrial door in London?

Save yourself the stress of searching fruitlessly for industrial doors in London, when Giesse logistics provides excellent quality varieties of high-speed industrial doors. However, before this article addresses the company’s functionalities of each type of industrial door, wouldn’t you mind learning about fields where industrial doors, especially high-speed varieties, are ideal?

  • Warehouses. High-speed industrial doors like industrial roller shutter doors and high-speed fold-up doors are ideal for warehouses. They help to keep the weather condition under check. Also, they help to improve safety and security for warehouses and their daily operations. High-speed industrial doors from Giesse logistics have all the needed features that warehouses require.
  • Factories. High-speed industrial doors are used to address security problems in factories. The Suitable industrial doors for each factory type help safeguard and enhance factory operations.
  • Industries. Industrial doors like cleanroom roll-up doors and high-speed roller shutters are also needed in cosmetic industries, chemical industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Electrical industries, and many other industries to keep pressure levels constant in the internal environment.
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Industrial Door Functionalities

As mentioned earlier, industrial doors come in varieties. Giesse logistics produces tested and perfect high-speed doors, roll-up doors ideal for your warehouse, industry, or company. Each type of industrial door is designed to carry out different functions.
Listed below are the different types of high-speed industrial doors by Giesse logistics, with their functionalities:

Functionalities high-speed roll-up doors

Industrial roller shutter doors: These are high-speed roll-up doors that promote the best entry and exit point usage without any glitches. It is made with PVC-coated polyester, which makes it resistant to wind.

  • They are doors that enhance the fast-paced logistical flow of incoming and outgoing vehicles in any industry.
  • Due to its airtight characteristic, it offers maximum efficiency across differentworking contexts.

Functionalities insulated high-speed

Industrial insulated roller shutter doors: These doors are insulated to prevent air from infiltrating and maintain stable environments, thereby keeping perishable goods safe from damage.

  • These insulated high-speed doors from Giesse company provide a constant temperature for goods like fruits, vegetables, and many more in warehouses, where unfavourable temperatures affect the goods adversely.
  • Reduces the loss of cool air and saves energy.

Functionalities Cleanroom roll-up doors

Cleanroom roll-up doors: These are ideal doors for industries like chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Electrical Industries, Cosmetics Industries, and many others.

  • It helps keep pressure levels constant within the room, which preventsfluctuations in the internal atmosphere.
  • It helps to keep the internal environment isolated from the external environment.
    High-speed Fold-up Doors uk

    High-speed Fold-up Doors

Functionalities High-speed Fold-up Doors

High-speed Fold-up Doors: These are ideal doors that support the frequent movement of humans and materials. They resist atmospheric agents and are capable of insulating.

  • It Protects the internal environment from turbulent weather and protects sensitive items from temperature changes.

Functionalities Double fold-up doors

Double fold-up doors: These are high-speed doors by Giesse logistics that possess unbeatable insulating power and a high degree of customisation.

  • Resistance to severe wind
  • Provision of acoustic and thermal insulation for large or small apertures.

Functionalities High-speed freezer doors

High-speed freezer doors: These are ideal doors for cold rooms and freezers. The Giesse logistics also design them to meet the demands of the food and beverage industries, preservation, and refrigeration industries.

  • They are ideal for refrigeration.
  • To facilitate the fast passage of forklifts, commodities, and equipment between rooms requiring significant temperature and humidity control.

Functionalities Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors: These are sizeable high-speed shutter doors that can withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions.

  • For the closure of huge openings
  • Provides convenient opening methods that do not interfere with the entire operation of the working environment of industries.

Benefits Companies get for installing a high-speed industrial door.

  1. Guarantees Security
    High-speed industrial doors are ideal for the company’s security. They are doors that close at high speeds, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorised breaking in by intruders.
  2. Promote Energy Efficiency
    High-speed doors such as freezer doors, double fold-up doors can withstand wind, open and close at high speed. Tight seals allow them to prevent fluctuations of temperatures internally and externally. This is an advantage for companies dealing with perishable goods, food and beverage industries, and others.
  3. Helps Companies To Maximise Productivity
    High-speed open and close cycles of these ideal doors help save time, which increases a company’s productivity. These doors enhance the fast-paced logistical flow of incoming and
    outgoing vehicles in any company or industry.
  4. Provides Easy Access
    High-speed doors promote the usage of the best entry and exit points without any glitches in companies. This further helps companies to keep business operations running without
  5. Creates Favourable Room Conditions
    Industries like pharmaceutical, food processing, and others require constant pressure and temperature conditions, which high-speed doors can only provide.
  6. Easy Maintenance
    These doors are made with PVC-coated polyesters, which resist the heavy use of cleaning materials. These doors can be lubricated with oil allowing them to slide without glitches.
  7. Durability
    The best choice for your company is high-speed doors, particularly from Giesse logistics. These doors are made of PVC, stainless steel, and aluminium, making them last long yet of high quality.

High-speed doors from Giesse logistics offer companies the benefits mentioned above and many more. These have been tested and approved to be of excellent quality and the best any
company could find. They have been designed with quality and durable materials to meet and surpass the functional needs of companies.

What does your company seek the better choice of high-speed industrial doors if not from Giesse?


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